Hey I’m Jo. I’m a Welsh girl living in a small town in Canada with my husband, two beautiful daughters and slightly crazy dog. I met my husband while I was travelling in Australia, we fell in love and I ended up moving to Canada. I work as a teacher full time and love what I do. I get to laugh with a bunch of kids all day and nothing makes you feel like more of a rock star than receiving 20 high 5s every morning and being told you look like a princess on the regular (I also get told other things including that I am so old I must be from pioneer times but I try to be positive).


The Millennigal blog started one particularly snowy afternoon during nap time when I just wanted a place to vent. It was very cathartic and I became hooked! As the blog has grown I’ve discovered a passion for lifestyle advice for the thirty-something woman. If I’m honest I’ve struggled with being 30. I used to be so confident in my 20s. I loved fashion and make up but somewhere between moving to the countryside and motherhood I lost my passion for those things and maybe a little bit of myself. I feel caught in-between, unsure of what to wear or how to style my hair. Add to that my psychotic skin, baby weight, melasma and varicose veins and it’s the perfect storm. I know that the old me is in there somewhere and I am definitely not ready to trade in my heels and skinny jeans for hush puppies and mum jeans.


So come join me and read along with the trials and tribulations of this phase of life. Remember you are fabulous and your 30s are about so much more than night cream and PTA meetings.

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