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What The Heck Do You Wear In Your 30s? Fall/winter 2020 Update

Yes my friends, it’s time for another “what the heck do you wear in your 30s?” post. I was really surprised by the response I got to the last what the heck post and it has been a favourite on the Millennigal so I thought I’d give you guys an updated version seeing as the links etc. in the last post are over a year old and not really that relevant any more!

So since I last connected with you I am still in somewhat of a thirties fashion limbo. Covid-19 has kinda forced me out of the shops an back online and I’m finding new places to shop for fashion that really fits where I am right now. It doesn’t help that my daily uniform has been some sort of drawstring pant and Tshirt combo with a bun for 6 months as I LITERALLY have no place to go and no one to see. However, that hasn’t stopped me browsing the internet for fashion finds when I am finally freed and allowed to re-enter society.

Some of my current favs are H&M, Old Navy (for basics), American Eagle (yes my friends, you can 100% still shop there!) and ASOS. I’ve really been trying to cut down on fast fashion as I’m chucking out loads of tat and really want to focus on quality rather than quantity (I think that it’s left over from my Primark “MUST BUY 10 AS THEY ARE SO CHEAP” phase of life). I am not sure how long this will last as I am a shopping addict but I’m going to give it my best shot. I have enough plain cheap T shirts to clothe a small army so I do need to calm it a bit.

Styles that I’m loving right now

You know that I am a proponent of wear what makes you feel good and I hate those “what not to wear posts”. I find them condescending as people in their 20s aren’t told not to wear things so why do we believe that once the clock hits 12 on the eve of your thirtieth birthday you need to start dressing in pant suits, knee length skits and general mumsy wear? I’ve spent the entire summer in jean shorts and band Ts and I love it! Here are some styles that I am loving to take you over to fall.

Boho dresses
American Eagle is my go-to for these. I love that you can throw on a pair of booties and a denim jacket for cooler night or pair them with tights and knee high boots when fall really hits.

Here’s how I styled mine a few weeks ago for dinner with a girlfriend. It was sale in American Eagle so not sure if you’ll be able to pick it up but they have lots like it! I’ve linked two that I really like.

Doll Dresses
Can I get an AMEN for the flowing, non clingy style. I am thanking the fashion gods for not bringing catsuits/vinyl/anything that Kim Kardashian wears back this year. I just can’t. I LOVE this trend! It is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall and soooo forgiving. Here is how I have styled my super soft knit one from American Eagle (another sale find but they bring out this style every year. I’ve linked a close match for you to look at).

Striped Cardigans

Be still my teacher heart, I love cardigans! They’re an absolute must for layering and stripes are adorable for fall. I love to wear mine with summer dresses or thrown on with shorts for a cute transitional style.

Cropped tees
I wore these babies all summer. I used to shrink away from them at the store as I was worried about my mummy tummy hanging out but I’ve learned it’s all in how you wear them. I pair mine with a high waist to make them thirty-appropriate and mercifully that is the style right now. I think that the fashion gods are smiling on us thirty somethings right now! I prefer to stick to more flowing styles as I find them more flattering. Here are my go-to styles

Soft sweaters
In your 30s you’re going to want to indulge in some good quality knit wear. I wear sweaters pretty much every day. I love soft slouchy styles that give a glimpse of my bralette . This ballet back number from Aerie is my FAV thing I’ve bought this season. It’s so soft and warm. I love the Free People Adella for it’s beautiful detail.

One style that we DO NOT want to revisit that I’ve seen slated for this season is dresses over pants. Let me take you back in time…

It’s summer 1999, you’re getting ready for the school disco. You brush your two tone freshly sun-in’d hair and spray shimmery glitter in it for some crunchy goodness to hold those butterfly clips nice and snug. You put on your amazing spaghetti strap dress from New Look and just for fashion sakes you add your flared denim jeans underneath. A spray of Impulse “Zen” followed by Tommy Girl, your Buffalo platform trainers, your micro bag filled with Gum and LipSmacker lip gloss and you’re ready to go hit the disco. Your braces shine as your mum takes a picture on the digital camera you got for Christmas.

OK, do you have that image in your head? Good. PLEASE do not go back there. We have come so far. Dresses do not need pants under them unless you are running outside to take the bins out.

I am kinda ready for these fall trends that are totally thirty appropriate. What trends are you most excited about for fall?

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