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Can you wear jean shorts in your 30s? Yes you can and here’s how to style them

A few posts ago I was lamenting about what the heck to wear in my 30s. It seems that these days all the stores contain fashions made for younger bodies and us 30 something ladies are left stranded in some strange fashion purgatory. Over the past year I’ve been trying different looks and thinking about who I am style wise at the ripe old age of 34. The one thing I’ve come to realise is you really are as young as you feel and that trends can be worn by anyone! why should the twenty-somethings have all the fun?

One of my closet staples for the summer are jean shorts. I LOVE them. During covid I’ve worn them every day since May. I think they’re a classic look that never goes out! However, some are probably wondering if a woman in their 30s can rock the daisy dukes without looking a little like mutton dressed as lamb. Let me tell you this…OF COURSE we can!

Here are some ways that I’ve been wearing them

Classic laid back style with a old band T. This has been my uniform the past few months. I feel cool and comfortable. Plus I can wear some band Ts legitimately as I was alive to appreciate the band in question (Ok not Woodstock but there are others!).

Preppy with a button down. I love this look. It’s preppy and chic and can be dressed up with a less destructed pair with wedges or down with sneakers or boat shoes. I have a bunch of button down shirts and I never know how to wear them. This look makes me look like I’ve made an effort when I really haven’t!

With a long sleeve T and booties. I am not ready for fall but this outfit is. I like transitional pieces and think that wearing jean shorts this way is on trend and definitely 30 appropriate!

I also wear them with my bikini top but you all don’t need that taking up your screen 🙂

What are my favourite styles?

I got 3 new pairs of jean shorts this year. I wear them daily so this wasn’t a splurge. I usually don’t spend a lot as they’re basically ripped up jeans and I find that my really torn up ones don’t last beyond a season. Here are my favourite looks for 2020.

  1. The mom cut. High waisted perfection. I love pairing these with a crop T. It’s a way to wear this season’s fashion trend without showing too much skin. My ones were cheapies from Bluenotes and I just love them.
  2. The button fly. I like the retro feel of a button fly. This style hints at the glory years that were the 90s. I like them in either a dark or light wash so you don’t look too dated (no acid wash) I got mine from Old Navy for a song and I wear them to death!
  3. Cuffed style. I have a lot of time for cuffed shorts. You can pull them down for length or scoot them up for a little more leg. I got mine from American Eagle and I love how they fit. They have lots of give which is clutch when you’re climbing up slides after your kids.

The Millennigal’s jean short rules

  1. Make sure they fit well. There is nothing worse than crunching your lady bits into a piece of denim. I love ones with stretch for this reason.
  2. High waisted mom styles are more versatile. You’ll be able to pair them with cropped Ts and look on trend while being comfortable in the knowledge that not too much skin is exposed.
  3. Choose your wash wisely. Dark styles can be dressed up and lighter styles have a retro vibe.
  4. Stay away from embellishments. They’re very dated and no one wants that.
  5. Wear them with confidence and you’ll always look fabulous.

So there we have it ladies. Jean shorts are for everyone and just because your age has a 3 in front of it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them. In the words of Erin Brockovich: “Well as long as I have one ass instead of two I’ll wear what I like if that’s all right with you? “

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